Take advantage of those iPads. Quickly.

It’s not uncommon to see lawyers, attorney or students-at-law roaming the proverbial halls at their respective firms with their Christmas gifts neatly tucked under their arms, looking to use it for something other than email. What can you give your eager troops of screen pinching throngs until you find or develop a brilliant legal specific app?

There’s something to be said for simplicity. If we take a short journey down memory lane to the early days of the World Wide Web, putting up a simple web site with some basic authoring was so easy. It had this crisp quality to it that lasted at least until the next trend came along. It was easy, innovative, edgy and looked good. So here’s an updated idea for the iPad era: using simple content authoring will allow you to quickly create simple but rich learning and professional development content that lawyers can flip through while comfortably sitting on their couch, from the very same iBook “shelf” they used for reading their favourite magazine. Perhaps a quick interactive book about your recent upgrade to Office 2010? Or more information about how to best use your newly upgraded matter centric DMS?  With a pinch, a flip,  colour images and compelling content, users who are eager to read meaningful content on their tablets (and not just play Scrabble!), may actually read or view the instructional content currently languishing on your portal.

Interested in exploring more? Apple’s own iBook author is a compelling option (learn more about it here and view a quick video here) – but pay attention to Apple’s somewhat restrictive EULA. But check out more standard publishing tools such as Adobe In-Design which can generate standard ePub content as well.