Knowledge management IS about technology!

Here. I’ve said it. Knowledge management IS about technology. Or at the very least, it’s equally about both. Let’s say, as an example, that one of your competitors implemented a kickass search technology in their firm and you didn’t do so yet. Whose lawyers will find relevant documents, expertise and matter related information quicker?

And let’s say that your competitor has an auto-filing email management system. And those emails can now be found as part of your matter information system without your lawyers having to manually copy or move those emails to the DMS.

Who’s got the competitive edge now?

Saying that KM is not about technology, is like saying that getting to Boston for a 10am meeting and returning to Toronto by 5pm is not about the technological marvel that is the jet plane. Instead its only about the people who decided to get to Boston for their 10am meeting.

Technology is equally as important as people in this equation.

So I think it’s time to confront the old belief system that seems to have afflicted the KM orthodoxy for too long. 15 years ago when we were all running around saying that information technology does not equal knowledge  sharing, tweets were merely the sound birds make.

Time to change our tune.