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(Web) Content Management Systems

The demands for effective law firm marketing does not begin or end with the firm’s website. The selection of a Web content management system can make a substantial difference beyond the confines of the website itself. With the advent of social media networks like LinkedIn, and the need to provide the firm’s lawyers with direct communication tools like blogs and other micro-blogging platforms, selecting and implementing the best possible system that will match this strategy is now more important than ever.

ii3’s experience stretches back over 15 years in designing, implementing and deploying such solutions. And we now bring this experience and deep knowledge to your process of identifying your next platform, selecting the vendor, developing requirements and, when it makes sense, customizing and integrating the solution. We can also step in and out of your selection process (as required) once the best possible platform and integration consultancy has been identified.


  • Meeting with stakeholders to determine a high level set of requirements
  • Ensuring that a vision for effective “digital” marketing is integrated – and in some cases consulting with your marketing team on competitive analysis challenges as well as new opportunities
  • Discussing and documenting preferred architecture and the firm’s technology vision and how it will affect this selection process

Market Scan:

  • Review the latest market trends and identify suitable vendors
  • Provide an initial list of vendors and how they fit with possible implementation models

RFI (Request for Information) and RFP (Request for Proposal) process management:

  • Approach a list of vendors with RFI and narrow down the “field” based on initial feedback and analysis
  • Provide a select list of vendors with the RFP
  • Conduct analysis of results and meet with vendors
  • Review results and recommend a solution
  • Finalize negotiations with the selected vendor and provider of professional services

Depending on required services, ii3’s consultants proceed to either:

  • Manage the project on behalf of our client
  • Provide a complete set of integration and implementation services

ii3’s expertise in every aspect of selecting, implementing and deploying web content management systems allows our clients to choose “à la carte” the best role they believe our consultants would fulfill.


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