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Make Your Portal a Critical Practice Tool

Our goal is not to create “just another intranet” or an “out of the box” portal, but an integrated practice tool that will be the nexus for the firm’s strategic business focus.

This type of portal will:

Increase productivity:

  • Enable better, faster answers to client questions that directly support matter delivery
  • Remove impediments to the use and leverage of existing systems and information repositories
  • Redirect lawyers away from multi-source research and inefficient collaboration to revenue-producing work
  • Simplify the ability to follow and contribute to business processes and workflow

Increase revenue:

  • Enhance responsiveness to clients and potential clients with a richer view of the firm’s experience and expertise
  • Improve communication and client collaboration
  • Add value to client engagements by introducing switching costs that reduce the perception of the fungibility of legal services
  • Improve internal collaboration and cross-selling by leveraging internal capabilities and experts
  • Increase new client wins with a comprehensive approach to managing matters within fee/cost constraints

Increase profitability:

  • Improve execution on fixed fee arrangements
  • Reduce hours to execute and increase operating margins
  • Facilitate legal project management processes
  • Make efficient use of time spent locating and managing the firm’s practice, information and knowledge resources

Reduce unplanned write-downs on traditional matters:

  • Increase the efficient use of resources
  • Reduce billing “haircuts” to account for inefficiencies in accessing pertinent information
  • Improve client communication
  • Reduce the possibility of “surprises” associated with a lack of matter lifecycle analysis

Technology can do many things, but technology alone will not achieve these goals. Careful planning, alignment with strategic goals, attention to change management and internal business analysis are all just as critical to deploying a practice portal that supports the firm’s business.

The team at ii3 combines a deep understanding of the practice of law with technical expertise, including our industry-leading best practices for information architecture development.

Our goal is to develop portals with an attainable, user-centred and phased approach to delivering value to the firm’s lawyers while supporting and encouraging change in the practice and management of clients and their matters.


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