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Detailed Specifications

Creation of a concise set of specifications whether for a technology project or a business process re-engineering initiative, provides a necessary blueprint that will:

  • Provide guidance and directions to the team
  • Reduce risk
  • Help manage costs
  • Reflect the needs of the business stakeholders
  • Keep the project team focused on a clear set of goals

Often the challenge is communicating salient points captured in various documents and specifications. This is especially crucial when developing business requirements and in some cases, user interface aspects and components. Business stakeholders are uncomfortable reading through long and detailed specifications. It is therefore important to distill specifications and use visual aids (eg. PowerPoint presentations, diagrams, and in some cases 'wireframes' to illustrate user needs) that will allow the team to solicit constructive feedback that can then be further developed.

ii3's 20 years of experience in following project management best practices means that we re-use a broad set of templates that help us solicit, capture and then share business, functional, technical and process-related specifications.


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