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Technology Infrastructure

“Keeping the trains running on time” – ensuring that your key business systems are always available and reliable is the key goal of any technology department.  Building and operating systems to offer high availability and minimal downtime requires both technical and management expertise. ii3 helps firms develop strategic plans and implement operational processes, from broad to narrow:

  • Server room design and implementation
  • Data centre relocation
  • Wireless device management
  • VOIP system design, selection and implementation
  • Renovations and client centre planning and implementation
  • Desktop management and refresh
  • IT governance
  • Management coaching
  • IT restructuring
  • Interim IT management
  • Communications strategies for IT professionals
  • Strategic planning
  • Budget planning
  • Change control
  • Vendor management
  • Business continuity planning and development
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Disaster avoidance planning

The key to a reliable and manageable technology infrastructure centres on planning and process. ii3’s vision always revolves around one basic client requirement: to demonstrate how we can succeed.


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