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Email Management Systems

There are three key drivers for improving email management practices in the organization:

  • Improved personal time and information management practices
  • Better risk management (for the organization)
  • Improved matter and knowledge management business processes

In the not-so-distant past, the only viable approach to tackling this challenge was manually. A user had to manually move both emails and documents into a Document Management System ('DMS'). Now there are tools that, based on advancements such as concept-based searching and categorization “engines”, offer the user both semi- and fully automated means for moving emails into the appropriate location in the DMS.

ii3’s consultants understand the gamut of issues that affect the selection and implementation of an email management system. We have a deep knowledge and understanding of how lawyers and others in the firm work with email and related systems such as the DMS, as well as the technical challenges of integrating and rolling out a system that will have a deep impact on the firm’s core business processes.

ii3 helps our clients with the following services:

  • Planning and requirements gathering
  • Identifying the best platform for that firm's needs within existing system’s architectures
  • Developing technical specifications as well as change management plans for effective introduction of such a system
  • Configuration and integration
  • Deployment and roll-out


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