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iManage Upgrade

iMange Upgrade with IDOL

Any software upgrade, especially an upgrade to a core system such as your Autonomy/iManage Document Management System can be nerve-wracking. This upgrade introduces a new and powerful search engine and exciting improvements to email management but it needs to be treated with care and caution if all the benefits are to be realized. ii3 has done many 8.2/3 to 8.5 upgrades and can help your firm navigate the waters to success through robust planning, consultation and implementation services.


  • Our understanding of the upgrade program helps you plan better
  • Avoid the roadblocks and pitfalls others have encountered
  • Full project, communication and adoption planning
  • Ease the transition to a new system through our disciplined planning methodology


  • Understand the distinctive differences between Verity/Vivisimo and IDOL to help leverage those differences
  • Improve communication and client collaboration
  • Add value to the upgrade by determining what new features should be encouraged
  • Understand how enhanced email management capabilities can improve productivity and efficiency
  • Develop programs and plans to ensure high levels of adoption


  • Full project planning capabilities
  • Assistance with IDOL server sizing and configuration
  • User Interface changes – planning and implementation
  • Full roll-out planning
  • 3rd party tool integration
  • Ongoing search governance

The 8.5 roll-out need not be a risky endeavour. ii3 will help ensure a smooth and easy roll-out so you can be an IDOL hero too.


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