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Case Study | Fraser Milner Casgrain | Recommind Decisiv Search

Background – Requirements

With over 500 lawyers and offices in six major cities, Fraser Milner Casgrain LLP (FMC) is a force to be reckoned with and a highly respected tier-one firm in Canada. The firm is looking to continuously improve and encourage consolidation of information and knowledge that will assist its lawyers and provide their clients with efficient and streamlined services.

The firm’s National Director of KM, Ginevra Saylor and its CTO, Scott Saundry, determined that a move to a new portal platform, SharePoint 2010, and the integration of a legal specific, enterprise search solution, would further improve the firm’s national communications strategies, and provide a platform that allows the firm’s lawyers, across all offices, to more easily find documents as well as related information and knowledge that are stored in different systems.

Why was ii3 chosen?

For the purpose of implementing an enterprise-grade search solution, ii3’s experience, unparalleled in the industry, was our client’s cornerstone for a low-risk, high-impact implementation strategy. ii3’s extensive experience with the selection and evaluation, planning, requirements and then configuration of numerous enterprise search platforms over the years, provided FMC with a very high degree of confidence. ii3’s knowledge of law firms, how lawyers work, and the various systems and their idiosyncrasies was matched by our project management methodology, and more specifically, best practices for implementing enterprise-grade search solutions and its complexities:

  • Security
  • Data cleansing
  • Systems (repository) access
  • User experience and search results page presentation

Process/solution description

Before this project could begin in earnest, ii3 was firstly asked to evaluate the best platform for FMC. We began by:

  • Evaluating the firm’s current IS platforms with which the search engine would need to integrate
  • Understanding the firm’s vision for the future and how this solution would be integrated with SharePoint 2010
  • Weighing the benefits of a large incumbent vendor and their more generic solution, with a legal-focused vendor

Based on this evaluation, it was determined that due to proven features, risk management considerations, time to market and budget management, the firm would license Recommind’s Decisiv Search enterprise solution. Based on this decision we:

  • Developed a set of requirements and detailed specifications (including content assessment, metadata evaluation, security and access control)
  • Developed a set of UI screens with detailed presentations that allowed FMC to provide feedback and request changes
  • Integrated and configured the solution
  • Integrated with the Sharepoint 2010 platform using newly developed code (and strong support) from Recommind
  • Assisted with pilot planning and management, firm communications and finally, roll-out to the firm


Recommind's Decisiv Search shines. Early feedback from the pilot process clearly indicated how powerful this solution is for a firm such as FMC. Lawyers found relevant documents and content that they did not know existed before. This was a major revelation and went to the heart of better management and leverage of knowledge for FMC's lawyers. Roll-out to the rest of the firm went exceptionally smoothly, and feedback could not be more clear: the implementation of Recommind’s Decisiv Search is a resounding success.

Lawyers simply love this tool, how intuitive it is, and its impact on their daily work. Seamless integration with the firm's SharePoint 2010 portal will assist in cementing its role as the firm's knowledge hub. FMC’s Director of KM is now planning to leverage this success and continue to build her long-term vision for meaningful delivery of matter-focused knowledge and information.


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